Buy Gold Wisely

If you think you have included a variety of financial instruments in your investment portfolio and still want to add some new passive income streams, gold should be added into your investment portfolio. The truth is gold is a very precious metal that has been in demand since the time it was first discovered to this day. That explains why it has always been regarded as one of the most important investments.

It is always a smart move to buy gold provided that you know how gold investment works in particular. You should try to gain more information about investing in gold before finally buying your first gold coin. You must invest in gold wisely by observing certain guidelines. First of all, you must examine your financial goals. Although gold can be considered as an important investment, you may not find it interesting for certain reasons. Gold investment can actually benefit an investor more if it is maintained on a long-term basis. Now, if you are only comfortable with investing only on a short-term basis, you may not have the patience and the perseverance to handle your gold investment. Hence, be sure to check if it is part of your goal to buy gold or not at all. Second, you must decide how much you are willing to invest. You can actually start small at first and increase it later, depending on the results of your investment. Generally, you can allocate ten to thirty percent of your assets for your gold investment. However, you can still increase the percentage, depending on how you view the present political, financial and economic situation across the globe. Third, you must select very carefully where you want to buy your gold from. You should know that the type of gold firm that you select can greatly influence how your gold investment goes. You should be able to find a firm that is highly recommended by many investors. It must be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and must have a good rating and feedback. Try to find a firm that is known for its excellent customer service. Choose a reliable gold firm that can offer advice and guidance at the right time in order to help you make progress in your gold investment. Be sure to buy gold from a firm that has been in the business for over a decade since it already has the capacity to meet your expectations and give you sound financial advice. Fourth, buy gold only when you are ready. If you wonder whether you should buy gold at present or wait for some time, you should know that time has little influence on your decision. The thing is gold waits for no one, and people all over the world never stop investing in this precious metal. Simply put, gold is actually readily available when you need it. The question therefore that you need to answer is whether you are ready to own some amounts of gold or not yet. Hence, it is really all up to your will.

Prepare For Your Test Wisely

Successfully passing a licensure examination not only takes luck but also effort and making use of strategies. Even though most professional tests utilize multiple choice questions, you could get more correct answers when you’d have adequate knowledge about specific topics. Do take note that you could only increase your chances of having correct items when you’d study well. That’s because you could answer test items smoothly when you fully understand the questions provided and know the corresponding answers to them. Never rely on pure luck alone when taking a serious test. As much as possible, prepare yourself early. Study the topics included in the exam that you’d take as thoroughly as you can and then practice taking examinations made by people or by yourself. If you could, you should try simulating the test taking process too. That’s so you would expose yourself to the stressful situation early in order for you to get used to it. But, of course, there are still some other techniques that you could use to make arrangements for your test taking preparations. For the specifics of what was already mentioned and for some more information about how to strategically ready one’s self for taking a serious examination, please continue reading.

First of all, before you study or purchase any review materials, it is important that you should find a nice and quiet place where you could study in solitude. Even though you’re someone who could effectively absorb details despite the presence of any noise or distractions, you really have to find a spot where you could study at peace. That’s because you could overwhelm your mind when you expose yourself to things that may enter your unconscious side. Instead of relying on places like the library, you should really look for a quiet area where you could not only read books or watch video lectures but also sit upright. Do take note that sitting upright with your back straightened can be helpful because this activity has been tried and confirmed by many to be effective when it comes to retaining information and feeling relaxed whilst learning things. However, if the only place where you could study is in your home or school where there are people present, you should just invest in some ear plugs or keep yourself away from gadgets that may take away your attention from reading important lessons.

As mentioned, you should really look for excellent review materials. Go ahead and find them because they’ve got summarized points of conventional lessons that may take you hours to finish. Take shortcuts when you study but always remember to memorize whatever you can so that you’d be equipped when the time comes for you to take the test. But, before investing in a reviewer, you should compare different ones first. Differentiate the various study guides offered by different groups so that you would see which would fit your needs best. For instance, if you’re planning to take the uniform CPA examination by the AICPA, you should look for wiley cpaexcel comparisons and then get the reviewer that you think could really assist you with your studying.

Controversy And James Altucher

Although James Altucher has perhaps always been a little controversial, he is even more so in his latest book which is called The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth. Altucher is an entrepreneur and author who has published a series of books about the James Altucher solutions to many problems such as trading or investing and calls this series The Choose Yourself Guide as they offer you different solutions you may wish to use. This year’s release is to do with wealth and is so controversial because he suggests that you should not pay to go to college nor should you invest in buying your own home.

He of course like all good authors, does give reasons for his suggestions and for not paying to go to college he cites the fact that although overall inflation, in real terms, has only gone up about 25% in the last 40 years, the cost of a college education has risen by more than 1000% and so is clearly a scam as no increase in the standard of education has been achieved in that same period. Although these facts are probably true and so cannot lead to controversy, the controversial thing is that he recommends that people do not go to college and instead use that money to get work experience, perhaps with a charitable organization or in a hospital. One of the reasons for this advice he says is that college courses do not properly prepare you for the workplace anyway and so you would still have to undergo further training once you do get a job. The money you spend getting real experience in the workplace is of better value to your career, or so he argues.

As to not buying your home that is of course very controversial as for many years the ownership of your own home has been thought to be a sign that you have been successful. Altucher argues though, that owning a home is an investment and that it is a bad investment as you will never see any return from your investment. He argues that a mortgage on average costs a home owner 30% 0f their total income and sometimes as much as perhaps 70%. Wise investors would never tie up more than 5% – 10% in any one single investment as it could prove devastating and besides, the investment will never come to fruition as if you did sell the house, you would immediate invest the funds in another.

His advice may be correct and anyone that takes it may find that they can make themselves more wealth but, with the decisions being so controversial and going against most of what we have thought to be the right way for success, like own a home and go to college, the decision to take all Altucher’s advice will not probably be followed by too many, no matter how solid that advice may seem. Taking risks though is perhaps par for the course if you really want to increase your wealth.