About Us

Getting into the garage door repair business can be a little challenging if you are not willing to give up your day job. At the same time, it is definitely a lucrative industry for those that can work in conjunction with other people and businesses who are seeking similar types of services. When deciding to enter this type of business it is important to do some research and see if there are companies that offer similar services and if they are a family owned business and/or a franchise. By doing some research you can be sure that you will be working with an honest and dependable company.

The first step in starting your garage door repair business is finding out how to make contact with these companies. They can be located online or you may find some on door-to-door. Regardless, of where you are able to reach them you want to get them on board with your company and get them signed up with your company as a team player. They need to understand that their customers will be their biggest clients and they need to build a relationship with them. They need to understand that you do not have to provide them with all of the repairs that they need.

You also want to get a list of positive references from them before you have anyone sign up with your company. These individuals are the ones that are going to be coming back for services in the future. When you get these references you can use them to build your customer base and then you can allow them to choose the services that they want. This allows you to pick and choose from the best ones in the industry. Being able to handle your own repairs is great but if you have an entire team behind you it will make the work that much easier.